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C-Section 2014


List of abbreviations

CG control group
CS caesarean section
CSEA combined spinal-epidural anaesthesia
EA epidural anaesthesia
EVE epidural volume extension
GA general anaesthesia
h hours
IG intervention group
IHII iliohypogastric-ilioinguinal
IM intramuscular
iPCA intravenous patient controlled analgesia
IQR interquartile range
IT intrathecal
IV intravenous
LoE level of evidence
MD mean difference
n. r. not reported
PACU post-anaesthesia care unit
PO peroral
rg. range
SEM standard error of mean
SpA spinal anaesthesia
TENS transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
mEq milliequivalent
PCA patient controlled analgesia
PCEA patient-controlled epidural analgesia
POD postoperative day
PONV postoperative nausea and vomiting
POW postoperative week
SMD standardised mean difference
VAS visual analogue scale
wk. weeks
yr. years