Ambassador Programme - ESRA

Ambassador Programme


ESRA actively encourages all European countries or groups of countries (e.g. Nordic & Baltic States) in the development of national or zonal associations or societies in Regional Anaesthesia and their affiliation with and under the byelaws of The European Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine.

1.0       ESRA will give both administrative advice and limited financial support in the development and legal registration of National /Zonal byelaws or constitution, which support the goals set out in the ESRA byelaws. (Excluding *)

1.1      Administrative support in the form of a suggested template for associations and societies to write their own byelaws or constitution (sample of registered byelaws – RA-UK byelaws)

1.2      The ESRA office will be happy to proof read the English version of the proposed byelaws or constitution and give advice or help where necessary

1.3      ESRA is prepared to give financial assistance to help with legal fees to register the national/zonal association or society legally within the country of origin. (This will form part of the total financial aid for setting up the society /association and the inaugural meeting)

1.4      Agreement with the goals of ESRA need to be prominent in the proposed byelaws or constitution in line with article 3 page 1 of the ESRA byelaws (ESRA byelaws)

2.0       ESRA will give assistance in organising an inaugural meeting of the new national / zonal association or society.

2.1      the inaugural meeting should ideally be organised ‘in house’ to keep cost both of organisation and registration fees (if applicable) to the minimum

2.2     ESRA will give assistance in preparation of both programme and contributing speakers.

2.3      ESRA will financially support the inaugural meeting by covering the costs (travelling & subsistence) of two ESRA speakers. (see 1.3)

2.4      Any income generated will be transferred to the newly formed society as a grant from ESRA allowing the newly formed society to have a start-up fund.

3.0       ESRA FEES: New zonal association / societies (excluding new zonal societies/ associations formed from existing zones or societies *)

3.1       ESRA Membership fee will be €50 initially for a period of two years

3.2       After 2 years, normal ESRA membership fee structure will apply (see ESRA membership information)

4.0       ESRA will invite the representative of the new national/zonal association/society to attend the Council of Representative (COR) meeting at the Annual Congress.

4.1      This national /zonal representative will initially be a non-voting observer at the COR meeting.

4.2     ESRA will fund the elected representatives to the COR in line with other COR representatives (see ESRA guidelines)

4.3      The national/zonal representative will become a full voting member of the COR when the national /zonal association or society has the minimum prerequisite number of ESRA members (30 members for three years – including the year of voting- see ESRA byelaws)

NOTE: only ONE society/association etc. from any one country or group of countries (e.g. Nordic / Baltic) can be recognised by ESRA. It is therefore essential that the formed society / association etc., is a representative society /association etc. of the whole country /countries and not of a specific area / city or institution. 

* Existing zones which are formed from more than one country (e.g. Nordic zone, Baltic States) – when individual countries apply to form their own zonal society / association, they will NOT be eligible for reduce fees and/or financial support.