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Prospect (procedure specific postoperative pain management) is a group of surgeons and anaesthesiologists, which formed in 2002. Their aim was to develop a clinical decision support service, designed to improve the management of postoperative pain on a procedure-specific basis. We use evidence-based research methodology to develop the best available consensus recommendations in a clinically useful format.

Since 2003 prospect has undertaken 11 major procedure systematic reviews and consensus recommendations, updating the older ones as new data becomes available. The evidence and recommendations are presented on the prospect website and are easily transferable to clinical practice. We publish peer-reviewed manuscripts in the surgical, anaesthesiology and pain literature, present at international anaesthesiology, surgical and pain congresses, and are consulted by national and international health groups for advice.

To plan for its long-term future and introduce new members to the working group, prospect is pleased that from September 2014, a formal Memorandum of Association between prospect and ESRA was signed; Prospect remains an independent academic body within ESRA but benefits from being within the ESRA Academic umbrella.