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ESRA Approved Training Centers


To create a database of institutions throughout Europe that have the expertise and facilities to offer extended training (3-6months) in Regional Anaesthesia and/or Pain Medicine (RAPM).

These extended training modules are available to trainee anaesthetists and specialists in Europe. Priority will be given to trainees from countries where there are no recognised training schemes in RAPM, trainees from low-income countries and ESRA members.

The training modules will be supported by ESRA educational grants of up to €4’000 each.

Institution which would like to be registered as an ESRA approved training Centre should fill out the application form on the ESRA website. The ESRA Board will then assess the application. The approval will be confirmed in writing to the institution. The information and contact details of the institution will then be added to the ESRA approved training centres page of the ESRA’s website.

Applicants wishing to apply for the educational grants, should fill out the application form available on the ESRA’s website. The grants will be awarded twice yearly. Click here for more information and to access the application form.

Information for institutions

Nationally regarded as a centre, delivering high quality regional anaesthesia and/or pain medicine training.

Offers a broad range of experience and opportunities in RAPM (training & research).

A recognised teaching hospital (as part of a national training scheme for anaesthetists) or a recognized private institution.

The nominated clinical lead for a training programme must be an ESRA member.


Click here to download the application form

Additional information for institutions, click here


Any  institution applying to be registered will need to fill out the application form, will be vetted by the Education Committee and proposed at the next ESRA Board Meeting.

ESRA Training Centers

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