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A Festive Tapestry of Knowledge and Joy: Unwrapping the Gifts of 2023 and Anticipating the Delights of 2024

Dear Cherished Members of the European Society of Regional Anaesthesia & Pain Therapy (ESRA),

As the festive lights twinkle and the year draws to a close, the editorial team and ESRA Major Officers extend their heartiest Christmas greetings and wishes for a joyous New Year 2024 to each of you.
Our December 2023 issue twinkles like a magnificently decorated Christmas tree, with each article representing a distinct and precious gift from ESRA to you. These contributions, wrapped in the spirit of innovation and collaboration, embody the core values of ESRA, just as ornaments and lights embody the joy and warmth of the festive season. Each piece, carefully curated and presented, contributes to a tapestry of knowledge and shared wisdom, making our collective celebration of learning and advancement truly special and memorable.

Like a much-anticipated Christmas present, we unwrap the pioneering paper on a new model for teaching Regional Anaesthesia (RA) in Portugal. This beacon of educational innovation reflects the spirit of is commitment to education by our esteemed Portuguese colleagues, ensuring that the gift of knowledge continues to spread across, brightening the practice of RA.

In the essence of sharing and reflection, we revisit the insightful survey conducted by BD in 2021, with ESRA’s support. Recently published, this project is like a cherished Christmas card, offering invaluable perspectives and guiding our journey into the future of RA.

Under our tree, you’ll find two groundbreaking publications from PROSPECT, shining like stars atop the tree. Their focus on craniotomy and cardiac surgeries (sternotomy) are gifts of knowledge, significantly enhancing our understanding of pain management in these intricate procedures.

With the excitement of children on Christmas morning, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming World Day/Week of Regional Anaesthesia. This global celebration promises to be a festival of learning and sharing, enriching the world of RA. Check the nearest city to you and join the celebration!

The ESRA Trainees workshop in Porto and the ESRA Innsbruck cadaver workshops in 2024 are like Santa’s workshops, buzzing with activity and innovation. These events are our gifts to you, offering unique opportunities to hone skills and learn from the masters of RA.

Prof. Manoj Karmakar’s interview is the star atop our festive edition, shining with wisdom and inspiration. Alongside, our Journal Club continues to be a gathering around the fireplace, where ideas and discoveries in RA are shared and celebrated.

As we gather around our festive tables, let’s reminisce about the achievements of 2023 and raise a toast to the exciting possibilities of 2024. Your active participation and contributions are the ornaments that adorn our society, and together, we will continue to illuminate the field of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy.

Warm festive regards,
Editorial team
ESRA Major Officers

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