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May 2024 | Issue 15

Quiz of the World Day of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine

Editorial team

During the ESRA World Day of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine held in January 2024, participants were given the opportunity to take a five-minute quiz. The top three respondents globally were promised a complimentary registration for the upcoming Prague congress. The quiz was exclusively available to registered participants of the World Day, with only one participation permitted per entrant/device.

Are you eager to know the quiz questions and the correct answers? Stay tuned as we reveal all the details, including the quiz and the identities of the winners!

  1. Who was the first person to utilize cocaine as a local anaesthetic in 1884?
    Sigmund Freud
    Karl Ludwig Schleich
    August Karl Gustav Bier
    Theodor Tuffier
    Carl Koller
  2. In the 1860s, Angelo Mariani created a wine. What did he mix in it?
    Heroin and Wine
    Coca and Cola
    Coca and Wine
    Ketamine and Wine
    White and Red Wine
  3. Which of the following Local Anaesthetics was developed first?
    Liposomal Bupivacaine
  4. When was the Tuohy needle developed?
  5. Who introduced the technique of Intravenous Regional Anaesthesia (IVRA) in 1908?
    An anaesthesiologist
    August Karl Gustav Bier
    Arthur Beer
    Gaston Labat
    A surgeon
  6. Who is behind the “No paraesthesia, no Anaesthesia” concept?
    Daniel Moore
    Roger Moore
    Adam Moore
    Gordon Moore
    Maya Moore
  7. In which year did George Perthes first report on the clinical use of electric nerve stimulation for peripheral nerve blocks?1909
  8. “I don’t care, I want it” – Who was the first person to benefit from anaesthesia for a painless delivery?
    Queen Nefertiti
    Queen Victoria
    Queen Elizabeth
    Snow Queen
    Queen Cleopatra
  9. Who described first the sciatic nerve block?
    Victor Pauchet
    Gaston Labat
    Sia Tibloc
    Alon P. Winnie
    Elton Piriformis
  10. When did the first public demonstration of ether anaesthesia take place?
    16 October 1846
    27 January 2023
    27 January 1846
    16 October 1969
    30 February 1846
  11. When did the first operation under spinal anesthesia by August Bier take place?
  12. When was CSE first described and whom is it generally attributed to?
    1937, Soresi
    1912, Bier
    1845, Reynolds
    1955, Bromage
    1961, Morgan
  13. When and by whom was the first epidural anaesthesia described?
    1901, independently by two French (Jean–Anthanase Sicard & Fernand Cathelin)
    1921, by Fidel Pagés Miravé
    1914, by August Bier
    1898, by Carl Koller
    1923, by Gaston Labat
  14. When was the gate control theory of pain sensitivity first proposed by Melzack and Wall?
  15. William Halsted was
    A surgeon
    An anaesthesiologist
    A veterinary physician
    A scrub nurse
    A pharmacist

Correct answers:

  1. Carl Koller
  2. Coca and Wine
  3. Procaine
  4. 1944
  5. August Karl Gustav Bier + A surgeon
  6. Daniel Moore
  7. 1912
  8. Queen Victoria
  9. Victor Pauchet
  10. 16 October 1846
  11. 1898
  12. 1937, Soresi
  13. 1901, independently by two French (Jean–Anthanase Sicard & Fernand Cathelin)
  14. 1965
  15. A surgeon

Congratulation to our 3 top winners!

🥇 Mateusz Kreczko (Warszawa)
🥈 Annemarie Chrysantia Melati (Jakarta)
🥉 Mukasa Emmanuel Lutimba (Kabale)

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