What acronym for an LRA fashion? WALANT / TRONCULANTe / PVI? - ESRA
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What acronym for an LRA fashion? WALANT / TRONCULANTe / PVI?

Time: 7pm CET | Duration: 60mn
This local webinar is organised by ESRA France and will be presented in French 🇫🇷

Chairman: Dr Sébastien Bloc
Speakers: Dr Sébastien Campard (WALANT), Dr Frédéric Le Saché (TRONCULANTe) & Dr Vicente Roques-Escolar (PVI)

Learning objectives
After viewing this webinar participant should be able to:

  • Get to know WALANT concept
  • Get to know the limits and contraindications of WALANT technique
  • Discuss benefits of WALANT performed by anaesthesiologists
  • Discuss association of WALANT and distal blocks
  • Perform surgery without the use of a pneumatic tourniquet
  • Choose the right block for each patient and each surgery
  • Take home an idea of how implementing WALANT at their own institution

Target Audience

  • Anaesthesia nurses
  • Anaesthesia residents
  • Anaesthesia specialists
  • Surgeons


  • PVI

Registration is free and available to everyone.
This session was held on 12 January 2023.

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