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Ultrasound-guided WALANT & Ultrasound-guided Ophthalmic Blocks

Time : 7:30pm CET | Duration : 60min
Presenter : Prof. Xavier CAPDEVILA 🇫🇷
Speakers : Dr Sébastien BLOC 🇫🇷, Dr Mehdi KACHA 🇫🇷


Speaker : Dr Sébastien BLOC

Objectives : This webinar will discuss the benefits of performing Wide Awake Local Anaesthesia by the anaesthesiologist.

WALANT technique :
– Definition
– Indication
– Performance under Ultrasound
– Tips and tricks
– Inclusion of the WALANT technique in an optimized patient pathway

Target audience : Pain Physicians, Nurses dedicated to pain, Residents, Trainees, Pain Fellows, Regional Anaesthesia Fellows, Anaesthesiologists , Surgeons

Keywords : WALANT, Chemical tourniquet, Ultrasound, Patient pathway

Speaker : Dr Mehdi KACHA
Which place for anaesthesiologist in ophthalmologic surgery in 2021 ?
Sono anatomy and ultrasound practice in ophthalmologic anaesthesia

Objectives : This webinar will discuss important topics of using ultrasound in ophthalmologic surgery, specify in eye surgery.
– General introduction about practice in eye surgery
– Which place for anaesthesiologist in eye surgery in 2021
– Anatomy and sono anatomy of the eye
– Ultrasound practice in eye anaesthesia

Target audience : Physicians, Residents, Trainees, Regional Anaesthesia Fellows, Anaesthesiologist, Surgeons

Keywords : Ultrasound, Peribulbar/retrobulbar block, Eye surgery, Rehabilitation

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This session was held on 18 February 2021.

The recording of this webinar will be made available on Pajunk’s YouTube channel after the event.

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