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Ultrasound-guided Fascial Plane Blocks – Clinical Best Practice

Date : Monday, 11th October 2021
Time : 7 pm CET | Duration : 60min
Chair & Speaker: Jeff Gadsden, MD 🇺🇸
Speakers: Renee van den Broek, MD 🇳🇱 & Alexander Brederode, MD 🇩🇪


Webinar presentation
Session 1: Ultrasound Guided Rectus Sheath Blocks: Anatomy and Real-World Experience
Session 2: Erector Spinae Plane (ESP) Block – How & Why?
Session 3: Serratus and PECS for Breast Surgery

Target audience
Anesthesiologists, Regional anesthesia fellow, residents and trainees, nurses dedicated to pain

Postoperative pain, Fascial Plane Block, Rectus Sheath Block, Erector Spinae plane block, Serratus Anterior block, Pectoralis and Serratus Plane Block, Breast surgery, Spine surgery, Thoracic surgery

Registration is free and available to everyone.
This live session was held on 11th October 2021.

The recording of this webinar will be made available on Pajunk’s YouTube channel after the event.

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