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Labour analgesia

Time: 7pm CET | Duration: 60mn
This ESRA/OAA webinar will be presented in English 🇬🇧

Chair: Dr Nuala Lucas
Speakers: Dr Damien Hughes, Prof Marc Van de Velde & Dr Nicoletta Filetici

Learning objectives

Discuss and update of current methods of labour analgesia (regional and non-regional) with particular reference to practical application



  • Non-regional techniques: Dr Damien Hughes
  • Neuraxial analgesia initiation: Prof Marc Van de Velde
  • Neuraxial analgesia maintenance: Dr Nicoletta Filetici

Target Audience

Anaesthesiologists of all grades with an interest in obstetric anaesthesia



  • Labour analgesia
  • CS anaesthesia
  • Epidura
  • Spinal

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This webinar was held on 19 January 2023.

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