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International e-Congress

ESRA & ASRA presents :
Round tables
18 Hours Live Broadcast

Live chat & quizzes

International exchanges around Regional Anesthesia, Anesthesia and Pain Therapies

After a great success with more than 1’700 participants from over 105 countries in 2019, ESRA and ASRA decided to join to propose an 
extended program of 18 hours broadcasted live all over the world from 7:00 AM to 2AM PM (Paris time CST).
  • 18 hours online conference broadcasted live,
  • Instant navigation for a complete freedom,
  • Interactive : live chats & quizzes with instant results
  • Live conferences
  • E-symposia
  • 70 international high-profile presenters and speakers
  • Unique educational concept
  • 1 year Replay after the event
  • An e-congress App is available for a seamless experience

ESRA brings you to a new dimension of online education.

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Please check the programme here.

Alain Delbos, France
Axel Sauter, Norway
Clara Lobo, Portugal
Dan Dirzu, Romania
Dan Benamou, France
Enrico Barbara, Italie
Eleni Moka, Greece
Eric Albrecht, Switzerland
Eva Roofthooft, Belgium
Frederic Mercier, France
Friedrich Lersch, Switzerland
Geert-Jan Van Geffen, Netherlands
Gary Stocks, UK
Girish Joshi, USA
Hélène Beloeil, France
Jan Boublik, USA
Jan Pierre Van Buyten, Belgium
John Mac Donell, Ireland
Jens Borglum, Denmark
Jose Aguire, Switzerland
Julien Raft, France
Kariem El-Boghdadly, UK
Keith Allman, UK
Kris Vermeylen, Belgium
Laurent Delaunay, France
Louise Moran, Ireland
Lucie Beylacq, France
Luis Valdes, Spain
Manfred Greher, Austria
Manoj Karmakar, Hong Kong
Marc Beaussier, France
Marc Van de Velde, Belgium
Margaretha Breebart, Belgium
Michael Heesen, Suisse
Morne Wolmarans, UK
Nuala Lucas, UK
Narinder Rawal, Sweden
Patrick Narchi, France
Paul Kessler, Germany
Philippe Gautier, Belgium
Philipp Lirk, US
Rafael Blanco, United Arab Emirates
Samer Narouze, USA
Sébastien Bloc, France
Steve Coppens, Belgium
Thomas Bendtsen, Denmark
Thomas Volk, Germany
Thorsten Steinfeld, Germany
Tom Eke, UK
Urs Eichenberger, Switzerland
Xavi Sala Blanch, Spain
Xavier Capdevila, France
Yavuz Gurkan, Turkey