5th ESRA Residents & Trainees Workshop - ESRA
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5th ESRA Residents & Trainees Workshop

ESRA designed this workshop for anaesthesiology residents who want to get started in the art of regional anaesthesia.

At a very attractive price and in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, beginners can learn basic anatomy and regional blocks with hands-on sessions and simulation in emergency situations and common complications associated with regional anaesthesia.

Workshop location
Hospital das Forças Armadas, Pólo Porto
Av. da Boavista S/N, 4050-113 Porto, Portugal

21-22 April 2023

Why should I attend this meeting?

  • It gives me opportunity to learn and practice blocks which are mostly used in everyday aesthetic clinical practice on live and anatomical models.
  • It gives me unique opportunity to train management of acute and/or common complications/side effects of regional anaesthesia techniques in simulation settings – no other workshop offers this possibility!
  • Because this workshop offers best value for money education in regional anaesthesia – two days workshop led by several ESRA instructors and examiners.
  • It gives me opportunity to meet my fellow colleagues from all over Europe and enjoy wonderful Porto!

More information on programme, faculty & registration will be soon available.

Application in progress