2nd European Day of Regional Anaesthesia - ESRA
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2nd European Day of Regional Anaesthesia

On January 26th, the 2nd ESRA European Day of Regional Anaesthesia will take
place in 27 cities in Europe.

The E-DAY is an unique concept which brings Regional Anaesthesia to you locally.
Lectures, workshop, round table… check the common program here.

This year, 13 countries are participating and there must be a city near you!

Belgium: Leuven
Cyprus: Nicosia
France: Paris, Rennes, Marseille, Lyon, Biarritz, Toulouse, Nancy, Lille
Germany: Frankfurt
Greece: Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa
Italy: Milano, Roma, San Giovanni
Netherlands: Amsterdam
Poland: Warszawa, Katowice
Portugal: Porto, Lisbon
Slovakia: Banska Bystrica
Switzerland: Zurich
Turkey: Ankara, Istanbul
UK: Norwich

Go to the registration tab, click on the link corresponding to the country in which you
will attend the event and get the chance to take a whole course designed by ESRA !

For the email registrations: send an email with your request for participating to the European Day 2019, stating which city you prefer.

BELGIUM http://www.bara2001.be/activities/esra-european-day-2019.aspx
FRANCE http://www.esrafrance.fr/inscriptions.php 180 €
Trainees: 50 €
GERMANY Registration: P.Kessler@friedrichsheim.de  180 €
GREECE + CYPRUS http://www.esrahellas.gr/news/details/102.html
info@esrahellas.gr (Mrs Evanthia Vlamopoulou)
Residents & Trainees: 30€
Specialists: 50€
ITALY https://www.mzcongressi.com/eng/eventi/2019
NETHERLANDS https://bit.ly/2CjFzZb Free for the ESRA Members
ESRA admission fee for the non ESRA Members
POLAND Warsaw: http://esra.nextmedica.pl/

Katowice: http://www.esra.katowice.pl

PORTUGAL http://bit.ly/2ESRADAY
SWITZERLAND Claudia.gasser@balgrist.ch ESRA Members: 90 CHF
Non ESRA Members: 250 CHF
Residents: 150 CHF
TURKEY www.rad.org.tr
UK https://www.ra-uk.org/index.php/book-online Trainees: £120 (Sterling) including ESRA and RAUK membership.
Consultants: £120 (Sterling) including RAUK membership only. (With the option of joining ESRA at an extra cost)

08:30 – 12:30
LECTURE (30 min.): Obstetric Anaesthesia: What’s New?                                                              Local expert
PODCAST (10 min.): Green (White) anaesthesia: RA an option?                                                 P. Albaladejo
LECTURE (30 min.): The real value of adjuvants for regional anaesthesia                             Local expert
PODCAST (10 min.): Fast Track surgery for arthroplasty                                                                H. Kehlet


LECTURE (30 min.): The role of RA in Corolectal Surgery ERAS Programs                                Local expert
PODCAST (10 min.): The concept of plane blocks and Live demo on plane blocks                R. Blanco
LECTURE (30 min.): Live demo: Lumbar plexus                                                                                           Local expert


14:00 – 17:00
PNB Upper Limb (3×15 min. rotations)
14:45 (CET Paris, Vienna) ROUND TABLE European Survey (25 min. online live quiz + 20 min. discussion)
PNB Lower Limb (3×15 min. rotations)
Central Neuraxial and Trunk Blocks (3×15 min. rotations)

We would like to thank Aguettant Corporate for their support in helping us putting this event together.


For more information about Aguettant Corporate, please visit https://aguettant-corporate.com/the-pharmaceutical-group/about-us/