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ESRA Research Grant

ESRA Research Grant

Application deadline: Dec. 31st 2024
Reviewing process: January-February 2025
Decision: March-April 2025

Grants will be given to ESRA members applying for support for their research in or in cooperation with an ESRA Approved Training Institution in Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine. The proposed research projects are preferentially performed in Europe. Grants will be given preferably to those who apply for a research program headed by an ESRA member. Grants will be given preferably to those who have already done research on regional anaesthesia or pain management and published their results as a first or senior author in peer reviewed international journal.

The grants are given to encourage research programs (rotations) of a duration of at least three months. The grant should be used for direct costs such as ethics committee approval, patients insurance, equipment, materials, research nurses or laboratory assistants, travel costs etc.

The Research Grant consists of a fixed 4,000€ expenses reimbursement paid by bank transfer four weeks ahead of the start of the research program (to be confirmed by the program’s director and by a positive vote of the ethics committee, the dean of the faculty or animal research authority). Thereafter, a grant of up to 3,000€ will be transferred after twelve months or upon completion of data collection, whichever comes first. This will require a reimbursement sheet documenting the real costs of the project. In addition, a report on the status of the project to the chairman of ESRA Grants will be required at that time. The remaining funds will be transferred after acceptance of the manuscript for publication confirmed by an appropriate letter from the editor. The publication of the research project should state that it was sponsored by an ESRA Research Grant.

Obs! It is not allowed to transfer the funds from ESRA Grant to another study without prior acceptance by the Chairman of the Grants Committee.

In total, a maximum of 10.000€ will be reimbursed per application pending presentation of real costs.

Up to two grants per year are given, totalling up to 20.000€ in financial support.

The application should include:

  • Application form, click here to download the form
  • CV of responsible research fellow (primary investigator), including publications, presentations, grants, awards or prizes.
  • Academic Mentor commitment (chair of department, faculty) (very short CV including publications)
  • Study protocol including: Short introduction, primary and secondary aims/hypotheses, methods and statistics (group size estimation, data presentation and statistical tests)
  • Research time line and cost plan
  • Ethics committee approval (or animal research approval if appropriate)

Only applications following these guidelines will be evaluated and scored by at least 3 members of the Grants Committee. The best applications will be presented to the ESRA Board members at the Midterm Board meeting in March each year. The ESRA Board will then decide which applications receive the Research Grants.

For any question, please contact the ESRA Office :