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October 2023 | Issue 13

WCRAPM’s Sister Societies’ Presidential Insights

Thomas Volk (ESRA Past-President, Germany) @ThomasVolk16
David Provenzano (ASRA Pain Medicine President, USA) @DProvenzanoMD
Ezzat Samy Aziz (AFSRA President, Egypt) @ezzatsamyaziz
J Balavenkatasubramanian (AOSRA-PM President, India)
Juan Carlos de la Cuadra Fontaine (LASRA President, Chile)

All 5 Presidents of the Continental RA and Pain Medicine Sister Societies gathered in Paris
From letf to right: David Provenzano (ASRA Pain Medicine), Ezzat Samy Aziz (AFSRA), Thomas Volk (ESRA), J Balavenkatasubramanian (AOSRA-PM), Juan Carlos de la Cuadra Fontaine (LASRA)


On behalf of the African Society of Regional Anaesthesia (AFSRA), I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to ESRA for orchestrating an exceptionally successful event.

Over the years, I have had the distinct privilege of attending the past six World Congresses of Regional Anaesthesia. My journey began as a delegate in 2002 in the vibrant city of Barcelona. Subsequently, in 2014, I had the honor of presiding as the President of the Congress, a remarkable year when AFSRA played host. In the remaining congresses, I was fortunate to contribute as a faculty member. It’s worth noting that ESRA was the pioneering society that championed the concept of initiating the World Congress of Regional Anaesthesia, and they graciously hosted the inaugural gathering in Barcelona.

In my humble opinion, the recent World Congress held in Paris stands out as the most triumphant in terms of its scientific content, a success clearly reflected in the impressive number of delegates in attendance. ESRA has consistently elevated the standard of these gatherings, continually striving for excellence. We can only hope that future congresses will continue to meet and even surpass this level of success.

As we fondly remember the splendid Parisian event, I would like to conclude by echoing the sentiment: “Vive la ESRA!”
Congratulations to the entire ESRA family on this remarkable achievement!

Professor of Anaesthesia Cairo University Egypt
President of the African Society of Regional Anaesthesia (AFSRA)

ASRA Pain Medicine

I want to express my gratitude to ESRA and the planning committee for hosting an amazing World Congress.

It was clear that an extensive amount of work was put into making the event first class. The event was very well organized, highly educational, and enjoyable.

It was very special to share knowledge with the international community on advanced pain treatments.

The hosts could not have been more welcoming.

Furthermore, the interactions with the audience were enjoyable and the questions were very thoughtful.

I also truly enjoyed the networking opportunities, and it was very special to meet with the leadership of the Sister Societies (i.e., ESRA, LASRA, AORSA, AFRSA). The event strengthened the relationship and the resolve of all these societies to work together on advancing regional anesthesia and pain management education.

The ASRA Pain Medicine vision is to relieve the global burden of pain.

This vision will only be met if all the Sister Societies work together. After participating in the World Congress, it is clear this can and will happen.

David Provenzano, MD
President, ASRA Pain Medicine


The 2023 World Congress of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine in Paris has left an indelible mark on the memories of every delegate fortunate enough to attend. ESRA’s commitment to creating a level playing field for participants from around the world was evident in every aspect of the event. WCRAPM truly exemplified inclusivity.

The Simulation Masterclass offered a unique opportunity to learn diverse practices from around the globe for similar regional anaesthesia procedures. The USG Wars session was a groundbreaking display of innovation and left a lasting impression. The mini hands-on workshops proved invaluable, providing delegates with the chance to learn the art of scanning from seasoned experts. The Inaugural Ceremony beautifully celebrated different cultures, creating a rich tapestry of experiences. Social activities fostered meaningful networking, and the session on Sister Societies shed light on critical aspects, including the proposal for a World Federation of Society of Regional Anaesthesia akin to WFSA.

AOSRAPM and AORAINDIA extend their heartfelt thanks to the ESRA leadership team, led by Dr. Alain Delbos (Leader of the Scientific Committee), and ESRA’s Major Officers (Prof. Thomas Volk, Dr. Eleni Moka, Dr. Philipe Gautier, and Dr. Luis Valdes) for their visionary leadership, tireless efforts, and significant contributions. This WCRAPM has set an exceptionally high standard, and future meetings will strive to emulate its success.

Personally, I found the experience immensely enjoyable, enlightening, and fulfilling, both as a learner and a faculty member. With profound gratitude, we look forward to the continued growth and collaboration in the field of regional anaesthesia and pain medicine

Dr J Balavenkatasubramanian 
Academic Director and Immediate Past President
National Chairman
Academy of Regional Anaesthesia of India


The reverberations of the 6th World Congress in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine still resonate two weeks after its conclusion. Paris, the city of light, fashion and love, provided a fitting backdrop for the scientific exchange and networking that unfolded during those remarkable days. The European Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy served as the adept orchestrator, seamlessly blending knowledge and cultural diversity from the global community of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine.

As the President of LASRA, representing Latin American Anesthesiologists, I extend my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for the invaluable exchange of knowledge that propels us toward better patient care. Thank you for your warm reception, making us feel cherished members of a global family. Thank you to all who contributed as session chairs, expert speakers, and workshop instructors, showcasing the highest standards.

To my fellow Latin-American faculties, I am immensely proud. The statistics may amaze us — the record-breaking attendance, numerous parallel sessions, and a faculty spanning nations. Yet, it’s the handshakes, shared coffees, relationships forged, and friendships formed that will endure. These connections will persist until the 7th World Congress in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, hosted in Latin America. We eagerly anticipate your presence for another unforgettable gathering!

Dr. Juan Carlos de la Cuadra Fontaine
Clinical Associate Professor Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
LASRA President

Topics: Regional Anaesthesia , Pain management , Sister Societies

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