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January 2023 | Issue 11

USG WARS 2 – “Pandemonium in Paris”

J Balavenkatasubramanian (Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore, India)


USG Wars is a session designed to break conventions of learning in a light-hearted manner during the conference.

4 teams, each consisting of 2 regional anesthesia experts will face off against each other in a bid to match wit and scanning skills. The teams will be thrown questions in the form of a riddle which will point them towards the anatomical structure that needs to be scanned. The team must decipher the riddle and quickly scan the correct structure on the volunteer present and freeze the image. They then must describe what is seen on the screen and provide some useful learning points for the audience present.

Teams will each be equiped with an ultrasound machine and a volunteer. Their activities (USG feed) will be split and displayed on a large screen for the audience to view. In addition to the host there will be two more assistants who will be at each of the stations to facilitate the scanning.

The format will consist of two preliminary rounds and one final round. Each preliminary round has 3 riddles, and the winners of the preliminary rounds will face off in the final.

The host assumes the role of the Riddler (a popular villain from the Batman comic) and attempts to ensure that the participants have challenges in scanning while conducting the session in a satirical manner.

The proposed participants for the USG wars session.

1) Dr TVS Gopal
2) Dr Vrushali Ponde
3) Dr Ritesh Roy
4) Dr Sivashanmugam T
5) Dr Amit Dikshit
6) Dr Harshal Wagh
7) Dr Rammurthy Kulkarni
8) Dr Azam Danish

Dr Vaibhavi Upadhye and Dr Archana Areti will be required to assist in conducting the proceedings.
All the scientific programme can be found on the World Congress website.

Topics: ESRA Congress , USG

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