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July 2022 | Issue 09

Report from the Exhibition Centre

Nuala Lucas (Co-Editor of ESRA Updates, Norwick Park Hospital, Harrow, UK) @noolslucas
Steve Coppens (Co-editor of ESRA Updates, UZ Leuven, Belgium) @Steve_Coppens

The transformation of regional anaesthesia over the last several years from occasional adjunct to general anaesthesia to an integral part of modern anaesthetic practice has been supported by technology. One of the many highlights of the 39th ESRA Congress in Thessaloniki was the opportunity to meet and network with our industry partners in the exhibition centre. Alongside the fabulous educational, scientific programme of the Congress, a myriad of educational options were available in exploring the exhibitor centre. Whether it was finding out about the latest developments in ultrasound or investigating new pharmacological options, the exhibition was the place to learn about the latest innovations and trends.

Most of the live demonstrations were unique and wonderful opportunities to not only see the industries new innovations, but also some of the faculty explaining the tips and tricks during scanning sessions. “Jack be nimble, jack be quick, let’s teach you the hockeystick” was one of the most interesting and hilarious sessions here by Bernard Moriggl at the M1 building for GE


The beautiful backdrops and artworks including an astounding jaw dropping sea view made the exhibition industry halls a wonderful place to encounter friends colleagues and inspect all the new “toys”

Online technology has helped us deliver some outstanding regional anaesthesia education, and ESRA is proud of the virtual meetings held over the last two years. However, despite these innovations and successes, we all missed the truly interactive environment of a face-to-face meeting. This was particularly evident in the exhibitions, which were a hive of activity, communication and interaction throughout the Congress. Strolling down the exhibits looking at the gadgets, and meeting old and new friends along the way seemed to reinvigorate everybody attending Thessaloniki 2022. Our industry partners provided a vast array of live demonstrations and new products, allowing delegates to examine, handle and compare what changes and innovations they could bring to their own regional anaesthesia practice.

Our industry partners also provided some excellent sponsored symposia exploring diverse topics such as remote monitoring pain management and the latest short-acting spinal anaesthesia drugs.

Without the aid of industry in their generous sponsorship, these events are extremely hard to organize. The support and interaction from our industry partners was a vital part of ensuring that ESRA was a fully immersive regional anaesthesia environment! The whole ESRA team would like to express their thanks to our industry partners for their contribution to making ESRA Thessaloniki an outstanding unforgettable Congress!

Thank you to all our partners:

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