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July 2022 | Issue 09

Hands on Worskhops during the ESRA Annual Congress in Thessaloniki

José Aguirre (Balgrist University Hospital, Switzerland) @JAG_4773


During the ESRA Annual Congress in Thessaloniki delegates could profit from an increased number of Hands on Workshops divided in different topics: 17 regional anaesthesia, 6 POCUS, 6 regional anaesthesia in paediatrics and 10 chronic pain. A total of 37 workshops was offered and delegates could adapt the level of the workshop according to their clinical experience: beginner, intermediate and advanced. In these workshops of 2h, typical clinical scenarios were explained at 4 different stations were a maximum of 6 delegates per station was standard to allow own scanning of the model. Around 540 participants attended these workshops .

For the first time we included also mini-Workshops were 1 demonstrator was together with 8 delegates and one model for ultrasound scanning of the different body regions. We offered 15 Min Hands-On Workshops and 150 delegates participated.

With a total of around 690 delegates visiting the clinical workshops we can state that they were highly popular and judging from the comments during the congress the quality met the expectations.

Another possibility of hands on was offered by the cadaver workshops in 7 workshops in regional anaesthesia and 3 in chronic pain therapy including 1 fresh frozen cadaver for fluoroscopy. Also here the delegates were divided according to their experience in 3 groups to allow an optimal teaching.

160 participants visited the regional anaesthesia workshop and 26 the chronic pain cadaver workshop.

In summary we can say, that the increased number of workshops offered was well appreciated by the delegates. Most of the workshops were sold out and all requests could be satisfied. The new introduction of the Mini Hand-On Workshops was also a great success. The cadaver workshops offer an unique possibility to learn the classical anatomy and the introduction of a fluoroscopy station was highly appreciated.

We have recognized that the hands on workshops are an essential part of the congress and that delegates want to practice and learn from all the experts present during the congress. New formats are welcome and interaction and practice well appreciated. We are looking forward to the next congress and will prepare some novelties to meet the high expectations of our delegates.

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