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July 2022 | Issue 09

First meeting of the committee ESRA International

Clara Lobo (Editor of ESRA Updates; Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, UAE) @claralexlobo
Patrick Narchi (Angoulème, France)

ESRA is especially focused on opening its doors to members from outside Europe, who represent about 25% of its membership. To this end, and during the pandemic, ESRA Board created a special committee, to welcome representatives from non-European countries that wish to contribute to the development of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy.

ESRA knows that a multicultural and diverse society is more successful in developing plural initiatives, fulfilling higher acceptance and achieving a wider implementation. That is why it is so important to give an active voice to outside Europe’s members and echo it through a privileged channel towards ESRA heart and soul.

The first meeting of this committee took place during the 39th Annual Congress, with the online participation of the Representatives of the USA (Dr. Melody Herman and Dr. Kamen Vlassakov) and Saudi Arabia (Dr. Abdulaziz Ali Hazazi), and the face-to-face presence of Representatives from South Africa (Dra Razeena Lockhat), Philippines (Dra Penafrancia Cano), Australia (Dra Hosim Prasai Thapa) and India (Dra Anju Gupta) leaded by the Chairs Dr Patrick Narchi and Dr Alain Delbos (Past President of ESRA).

The meeting began with the presentation of its members and proceeded in a lively discussion of the objectives of the Committee, honest expectations and desires for fruitful cooperation in the future.

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