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February 2021 | Issue 04

ESRA’s website new developments

Clara Lobo (Editor of ESRA Updates; Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, UAE) @claralexlobo

The ESRA website is ESRA’s gateway! Now, more than ever!
It is through the website that the Society presents itself to the members and visitors.

The intention for this development, therefore, was that this new page mirrors the young and dynamic spirit of ESRA, to spread the word of its mission of education, research and training in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Therapy.

This higher mission compelled ESRA to rethink its website and add new pages for clarity, consistency, relevance and deliver the right message with power, conviction, simplicity, assertiveness for a larger audience.
The main objective of this new content on ESRA’s website is to improve the value the experience of our Members when they visit us virtually, engage them and persuade them to take action.

ESRA Guidelines page aggregates in the same place the main guidelines and recommendations from ESRA, ESRA Family, PROSPECT and about COVID19.
Thus, in a harmonious, friendly way you can find the recommendations developed by ESRA in partnership with other societies in the ESRA guidelines TAB, the recommendations of each national society in the TAB National Guidelines, use a quick access to PROSPECT recommendations (the scientific branch of ESRA) and, finally, consult the recommendations developed in partnership with the ASRA on Regional Anesthesia and Pain Therapy in COVID19 patients.

The content will be in permanently under development and adaptation.

We hope you enjoy!
We look forward to your feed (back and forward), to continue to improve.

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