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January 2023 | Issue 11

ESRA Winter Week 2023

Jens Borglum (Zealand University Hospital, University of Copenhagen) @JensBorglum


Once again ESRA will be the host for the traditional ESRA Winter Week at Aqua Dome ( in Längenfeld, Austria on January 23-27, 2023. The last ESRA Winter Week at Aqua Dome was in January 2020, but due to Covid-19 ESRA has not been able to host this popular yearly event.

The 16th ESRA Winter Week Conference in January 2019


ESRA WW in 2023 will also be slightly different from the previous years, since we want to protect our delegates from the perceived risk of Corona contamination. Thus, we will not have the very popular afternoon hands-on scanning sessions in groups with an instructor and a model. Instead, we will present exciting live scanning sessions on a big screen with the different presenters/instructors explaining and pointing at the screen. Of course, during the day (morning and afternoon) there will be – as always – the grand interactive lectures with questions and answers.
The faculty present at the ESRA WW in 2023 has once again been carefully chosen and includes experts from around the world. Our faculty are not only experts but also very nice and approachable. They all welcome a lively discussion, and they will gladly answer any questions.

ESRA looks very much forward to hosting the ESRA WW in 2023. As usual the congress is fully booked. Please inspect our website if you want to know more.

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