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January 2023 | Issue 11

ESRA Webinars 2023

Clara Lobo (Editor of ESRA Updates; Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, UAE) @claralexlobo


2022 is a wrap!

The ESRA webinar team has so much to be grateful!

ESRA started the ESRA webinars in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. The sudden interruption of face-to-face events was a big worldwide problem that the Scientific Community felt, deep on their core.

ESRA’s culture is based on the organization of workshops and events, promoting an intimate and very close relationship with its members and delegates, across 40 years of existence. This was a bond that could not be lost! It was urgent to overcome this gap. ESRA needed to find a way to keep contact with and provide some type of support. The resources available were sparse and a novelty for the most of us: the online broadcasting. Following a lot of discussion and planning, ESRA went live with the first ESRA webinar the 30th July 2020. Since then, and after more than 30 accredited webinars (32 to be exact), I feel so grateful as the chair of ESRA webinars to look back and realize that over 23,000 attendees – average of 700 participants per webinar – from so many different backgrounds, experiences, cultures and nationalities shared the knowledge of our esteemed faculty. All ESRA webinars are available in the ESRA Academy for the members who what to review or could not attend the live broadcast. They are a source of cutting edge and high quality standards, collecting good feedback reviews (4-5 stars).

ESRA and I want to thank to all the faculty that so gracefully offered their time, knowledge and experience – without you nothing would have been possible!

But a new year is coming and ESRA webinar team want to keep the high standards and the novelty, giving way to creativity, diversity and the forefront for discussion, scientific growth and bringing everyone together for 1 hour each month and debate perioperative medicine, regional anaesthesia and pain therapy.

2023 is the year of cooperation.

We will start a new series of ESRA webinars with our Sister Societies (AFSRA, ASRA, AOSRA and LASRA), Obstetric Anaesthetists’ Association, as well as with national societies (in their native language). Stay tuned for the new ESRA webinars program coming up soon.

Topics: Chronic Pain , Regional Anaesthesia , ESRA website , Webinars

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