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March 2022 | Issue 08

ESRA Trainee Corner in the Annual Congress in Thessaloniki

Ana Fuæak


ESRA Trainee Corner debuted in Bilbao in 2019! It was a huge success as it fulfilled it’s purposed of joining trainees around a cup of coffee and an ultrasound machine!

Trainees want to learn and connect with other trainees, create a world-wide alive and vibrant network of experiences, companionship and learning basic ultrasound guided blocks.

The ESRA Trainees Corner in the 38th Annual ESRA Congress in Bilbao

If you are a first timer in ESRA’s annual meeting, this is the space to visit! It is a great networking place where you will find a happy face, sharing tips & tricks, guiding you on what to do and which lectures to visit. During the Thessaloniki congress, a daily pop up notification will advertise the Trainee Corner’ s activities to help you.

On the other hand, if you are a regular participant, you can just visit and catch up.

We are preparing a networking event for Trainees during the Congress to celebrate life, anaesthesiology and friendship. After a huge break from live events due to the covid 19 pandemic it will be refreshing to meet new colleagues and experts face to face. Stay tunned!

We are also curious and excithed to know all about your projects and research.

The Trainee Corner will definitely be a reason for trainees, amongst others, to come to Thessaloniki, Greece in June 2022.
To know more and register, just follow the link –

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