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June 2021 | Issue 05

ESRA European Day

Sébastien Bloc (Claude Galien Private Hospital – Quincy Sous Senart – Paris, France) @sebebloc

E-Day (European Day) is a single day meeting dedicated to Regional Anaesthesia and Analgesia which has been organized by ESRA for 3 years. This year, E-Day will be held in over 24 cities in 15 countries. The increase in the number of countries and cities supports the interest of this unique meeting format: a single day, a single programme, local experts.

The same programme on the same day marks the unity dear to ESRA. It’s a great link between cities.

  • Local meeting. The multitude of sites offers proximity and easy accessibility. This reduces travel and hotel reservations. It makes it easier to participate.
  • Local experts. The intervention of local experts is the hallmark of this day. Their knowledge of local situations allows them to adapt the subjects to your problems, your environment. They are often colleagues or practitioners that you know. This facilitates discussions, exchanges and interactions.

The program is based on new topics. Podcasts of international experts introduce each subject. This global vision can thus be discussed and adapted to your local context.
Moreover, E-day proposes many practical workshops and round tables.

A moment of exchange and conviviality. This year, sanitary conditions are unclear, and nobody knows how they will be in September. Nevertheless, each city, each country will be able to adapt its organization in order to offer the long-awaited face-to-face meeting. This “small friendly meeting” is perfectly suited to this!

Close to you – Close to experts – Dedicated to Regional Anesthesia, E-Day is a great day of discussion and conviviality. E-Day, there is definitely a city near you.
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