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October 2022 | Issue 10

ESRA elections 2022

Clara Lobo (Editor of ESRA Updates; Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, UAE) @claralexlobo

“Life is about change. Sometimes it’s painful. Sometimes it´s beautiful. But most of the time is both.” – Lana Lang


Every 3 years this happens! 2022 was one of those years. New ESRA Board members, Major Officers and new Trainees representative. It’s the ESRA cycle of change.

As Secretary General of ESRA from 2019-2022, I lived some of the best days of my life. I must confess the first 6 months were scary. Starting on a role I had no previous experience haunted by the uncertainty of the pandemic… But as we say in my country, there’s no harm that lasts forever. And the ESRA spirit prevailed. Friends are the family we chose, I created new and true friends and it’s not painful to leave, as I trust the new team will do a great job.

With the pandemic under control, a new world is before us and ESRA will rebuilt again.

The beauty of change is the novelty it brings – new ideas, new perspectives, new faces, new minds, new blood.

Last 7th September, ESRA members approved the new elected members of the ESRA Executive Board and new ESRA Major Officers.

The new group of ESRA Major Officers for the next 3 years are President Elect, Eleni Moka (left her position of Treasurer); Treasurer, Philipe Gaultier and Secretary General, Luis Valdes.

ESRA Board has also suffered some modifications. The new members are Sebastien Bloc (France), Andrzej Daszkiewicz (Poland), Alan MacFarlane (UK), Fatma Saricaoglu (Turkey), Axel Sauter (North Countries), and Ana Patrícia Martins (as the new Residents & Trainees Representative) are full of energy and will be supporting the Major Officers team.

I must acknowledge and thank all the others that for so many years kept their allegiance and dedication and are now leaving. I can assure that all will still be in ESRA’s service and working hard in the back scenes of the society. A special thank you to Alain Delbos (ESRA’s President and Past President), Dan Dirzu (Romania, ESRA Board) and Morne Wolmarans (UK, ESRA Board).

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