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June 2021 | Issue 05

EDRA Goes Online

José Aguirre (Balgrist University Hospital, Switzerland) @JAG_4773

COVID-19 pandemic had a great impact in our social and education lives.
Many congresses have been moved to an online version so also the first ESRA Remote Congress Sept 8th-10th 2021.
Due to the current situation EDRA has adapted updated format in order to offer the possibility to assess the knowledge for all eligible candidates for EDRA Part 1 and Part 2 (section A only) in a remote/online version. For all information, please click here.

The Part 1 examination remains written exam covering all the important topics for regional anaesthesia. A total of 100 Multiple choice questions (MCQ) and single best answer questions (SBA) need to be answered online during the time limit of 2 hours and 30 minutes. The special platform offered by Orzone™ will allow examiners to closely observe the candidates during their exam to ensure fair and transparent examination using the computer / cellphone cameras.
EDRA Part 2 remains an oral / practical examination. We decided to split the examination in two parts to allow for an online version in the first session (section A) and an on-site session (section B) during the next annual meeting.

«EDRA board is fully aware, that last and this year were extremely challenging for everyone.»

The section A will consist on the discussion of a typical clinical case scenario with focus on regional anaesthesia and the discussion of a regional anaesthesia – associated complication. Each question will take approximately 20 minutes. Two examiners and an observer (EDRA Examiner Candidate or EDRA Board Member) will share the screen with the candidate. Section B consists on an anatomical / landmark session and the discussion of an ultrasound-guided block. For this scenario a live model and an ultrasound machine are necessary to assess candidate practical skills. Therefore, the section B remains an on-site examination.

EDRA board is fully aware, that last and this year were extremely challenging for everyone. All face to face teaching events like cadaveric or ultrasound courses and workshops were cancelled, included official ESRA courses. It was therefore very hard for candidates to fulfill the criteria for EDRA Part 2 exam. EDRA board has carefully looked into this issue and whilst fully appreciate current situation as well as being as flexible as possible, there is also need to preserve and maintain its high standards. There are three workshops required in order to apply for EDRA Part 2 exam. One of them need to be official ESRA workshop and one of them has to be cadaveric workshop. Official ESRA workshop can be either cadaveric or ultrasound. EDRA Board, therefore made a following recommendations for candidates, who would like to apply for oral exam:

  • For EDRA Part 2 – Section A exam
    Candidates can apply after successfully passed EDRA Part 1 without certificates from all required workshops/courses for Part 2 exam
  • For EDRA Part 2 – Section B exam
    Candidates must present the certificates from all required workshops for Part 2 exam as well as successful pass of EDRA Part 2 – Section A exam.

In order to allow candidates to use ultrasound hands-on or cadaveric workshops offered during the ESRA congress in Thessaloniki 2022 (22-25.6.2022) for their EDRA exam requirements, EDRA Board as well as ESRA Board decided to move the dates of EDRA Part 2 – Section B exam after the congress. EDRA Part 2 – Section B exam will therefore take place on Sunday and Monday (26-27.6.2022). As we have experienced high interest for those workshops during previous years (even prior to pandemic), we would recommend people to book early to avoid any disappointment. Scientific Committee is also looking into expanding the number of both ultrasound and cadaveric workshops during the ESRA Annual Congress.

Using this new, updated and flexible format EDRA Board & EDRA Examiners offer the possibility to all candidates to pursue their desire for high level regional anaesthesia exam. However, we sincerely hope that we will meet our candidates not only for practical (section B) of EDRA Part 2 exam during ESRA Annual Meeting, but also at other ESRA Events, where we can share our opinions and experience as well as simply have a good time together.

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