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Sam Eldabe (Chair of EDPM, The James Cook University Hospital Middlesbrough, UK)

Recognised clinical features of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Type I include:

a. Evidence of nerve damage
b. Dystonia
c. Allodynia
d. Joint pain
e. Motor weakness

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Answers :

a. ❌ False (CRPS type I does not include evidence of nerve damage this is the case in CRPS type II)
b. ✅ True (Dystonia and motor anomalies occur in CRPS I dystonia of the lower limb usually takes the chracteristic shape of equinus and inversion position of the foot)
c. ✅ True Allodynia is a hallmark of CRPS and a diagnostic criterion
d. ✅ True Although not per se a diagnostic criterion of CRPS joint pain will occur with the spread of CRPS and limitation of movement is part of CRPS. Here it helps to read the stem again before answering the question based on diagnostic criteria alone
e. ✅ True weakness is a diagnostic criterion

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