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Steve Coppens (Co-editor of ESRA Updates, UZ Leuven, Belgium) @Steve_Coppens

Dear friends, as the ESRA editorial team for ESRA UPDATES we are immensely happy to introduce our latest newsletter.
It is a really packed update with a quick look back at the successful e-congress Paris and various other bits of info.

As usual we have a very good Journal Club featuring Ed Mariano’s pick of the moment. A very sweet update on all the ins and outs of EDRA part 2 and everything you ever wanted to know to succeed at the EDRA is also included and so much more….

However the most exciting event of this year and maybe even of this decennium is of course the World Congress in Paris in September. There’s a ton of information on some of the most interesting sessions. A few testimonials on attendees about their highlights… Something on the Ambassadors of the #ESRAworld2023. I hope this edition can whet your appetite for this MUST ATTEND EVENT.

The city of light will have never shined so bright as in September 2023.
Put on your shades and join us !!

The ESRA-update Team
& Steve Coppens

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