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Clara Lobo (Editor of ESRA Updates; Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, UAE) @claralexlobo
Nuala Lucas (Co-Editor of ESRA Updates, Norwick Park Hospital, Harrow, UK) @noolslucas

Lufu, pati and compati

Tracking the origin of words can provide so much additional information and insights into their meaning and guidance on how to use them appropriately. There are so many words; the same word can have many meanings and sounds and even evoke different feelings. Each culture, each country, each society, and each community have their own code of words. The right word at the right time is priceless and can transform a conversation or a story. It makes all the difference. However, words must be simultaneously accurate, precise, truthful, and honest. Although a simple concept, it can be tough to find the right word!

Can we find core, primary words? Traditional words that are part of our linguistic DNA?
Words that encapsulate ESRA?

A society’s essence and richness are based on its members’ diversity and multiplicity.

Since the creation of ESRA – 40 years ago, the number of members has been growing annually, and today we are more than 6,000! The ESRA family embraces members from different origins, experiences, environments, cultures and traditions. What’s in common with this vast diversity that we represent? What words bring us together and move our big community forward?

We can only think of 3 words: Lufu, pati and compati.

Pati (the Latin word for passion) is related to suffering, following our passion even when it’s not easy – the painful times are “worth it” because, ultimately, it’s a journey with a reward – the journey of regional anaesthesia & pain medicine.

Compati (the Latin word for compassion) – “to suffer together” – the feeling that arises when you are faced with another’s suffering and driven to relieve that suffering and pain – our patients.

And finally, lufu (Old-English word for love), warm affection, attachment and love for ESRA!

This edition of ESRA Updates celebrates our shared passion for novelty and innovation, our love for diversity and renovation, and our compassion for our patients.

We think these sentiments are described in this beautiful poem by the Portuguese poet Luís Vaz de Camões.

“Love is a fire that burns unseen,
a wound that aches yet isn’t felt,
an always discontent contentment,
a pain that rages without hurting,

a longing for nothing but to long,
a loneliness in the midst of people,
a never feeling pleased when pleased,
a passion that gains when lost in thought.

It’s being enslaved of your own free will;
it’s counting your defeat a victory;
it’s staying loyal to your killer.

But if it’s so self-contradictory,
how can Love, when Love chooses,
bring human hearts into sympathy?”

― Luís Vaz de Camões, Sonetos de Camões

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