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José Aguirre (Balgrist University Hospital, Switzerland) @JAG_4773
Luc Mercadal (Quincy Anaesthesia - Quincy-sous-Sénart, France)

The E-Congress went first online on March 2018 as an interactive online Congress focusing on Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Management (acute and chronic). Due to the new concept at that time, it has been a great success from the beginning attracting at each edition more than 1’000 participants from over 80 countries all around the globe. Already in the second edition the program had to be extended to 20 hours of continuous online transmission to satisfy the requests of the regional anaesthesia enthusiasts all over the world. Additionally, in 2020 the event went on air as an ESRA-ASRA event attracting also colleagues of our Sister Society. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the 4th edition on 2021 was the last event.

The concept introduced 2018 remains revolutionary: over 70 internationally recognized experts meet in a TV Studio in Paris and deliver in 2 parallel streams in 2 broadcasting studios lectures and discussions, answer online questions and demonstrate different techniques for regional anaesthesia and chronic pain in live demonstrations to an audience all over the world. To get access as fee below 100 Euros is required but the event remains for free for all ESRA Members. The audience can enjoy one year replay after the event. The online interaction with the speakers is highly appreciated. Also the interactive live demonstrations remain a highlight of the event. The e-Congress offer also e-Booths for a full congress experience, live chats & quizzes with instant results and with the introduction of an e-congress App a seamless experience in guaranteed.

We decided to re-introduced the event in March after the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore the 5th Edition will take place on March 18th 2023 with participation of all our Sister Societies: ASRA, LASRA, AOSRAPM and AFSRA to symbolize the strong intercontinental interest of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Management all around the world and the solidarity of these Societies. The 5th Event will bring more interactive lectures focusing on what’s new in the world of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Management, live demonstrations of the latest developed blocks and chronic pain procedures, more chats & quizzes and with the support of the Industry e-Booths so that we all can get in contact with the latest news on the market.

The speakers are looking forward to meet again in Paris and to interact with you all around the globe during this amazing experience!

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