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March 2022 | Issue 08

Clinical Workshops at the Annual Congress

José Aguirre (Balgrist University Hospital, Switzerland) @JAG_4773
Eleni Moka (ESRA Treasurer, Creta Interclinic Hospital, HHG - Heraklion-Crete, Greece) @mokaeleni


Hands on workshops are an ideal learning platform to broaden the own knowledge, practice, discuss with other colleagues advantages and disadvantages of different techniques and to learn from each other. However, this is only possible, when you have enough time to practice, when the level of the workshop is suited to your needs, when the workshop leader is an expert of the topic and when the group is small enough that all can practice and ask questions. From the teaching point of view a hands-on workshop is ideal to demonstrate concepts and techniques, to compare and discuss them with the participants in a surrounding where all participants have about the same amount of experience. Only then the instructor can raise their level of competence. This is of pivotal importance for the ESRA spirit of teaching before assessing the knowledge. For all those who want to take the EDRA visiting the clinical (and of course also the cadaver) hands on workshop is an ideal preparation for a successful exam.

Workshop on the 39th Annual Esra Congress in Bilbao

In Thessaloniki we will offer clinical hands-on workshops for regional anaesthesia (17), POCUS (6), paediatric regional anaesthesia (4) and chronic pain (10) of 2 hours with a maximum of 6 participants per group and one tutor per workstation. At every workstation you will find a high-end ultrasound machine from different companies and a human model for live scanning (no needling). All workshops will take into account that there are different level of expertise and you will have the choice to register according your experience. Each workshop will have a main topic (e.g. Peripheral Nerve Blocks Above Clavicle) In these 2 hours there will be 4 rotations, therefore each participant will be able to practice at 4 different stations with 4 different sub-topic and 4 different instructors, all experts in the assigned topics. This system will guarantee that all participants are exposed to practical training on real conditions and to live discussions under regional anaesthesia / chronic pain enthusiasts. We have increased the offer of hands on workshops compared to previous congresses to allow participation to more congress delegates.

Additionally, we introduced “Mini hands-on clinical workshops” of 1h where the possibility for own scanning is limited but on the other hand in small groups of 6 participants an expert will demonstrate his techniques / approaches on a live model and will answer to all practical questions. For all those who could not get a Workshop place this mini hands-on clinical workshop offers a good alternative to improve the knowledge and discuss different techniques.

Don’t miss the chance to book a clinical hands-on Workshop! See you in Thessaloniki!
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