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May 2023 | Issue 12

Call for Infographic Competition

Clara Lobo (Editor of ESRA Updates; Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, UAE) @claralexlobo

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an engaging Infographic Competition as part of the upcoming ESRA world Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine conference. This competition aims to harness the power of visual communication to promote scientific knowledge and enhance awareness about regional anaesthesia and pain medicine among the medical community.

For the next #ESRAWorld2023, ESRA wishes to bring together clinicians, researchers, educators, and professionals with a shared passion for improving patient care, fostering innovation, and disseminating knowledge in this specialized area of medicine. Infographics are effective tools for simplifying complex information, making them accessible to a wide range of professionals and facilitating the dissemination of knowledge. Send your Infographic to showcase your creativity and expertise by designing visually captivating tool that educate, inform, and inspire the audience about RA & PM. The competition is open to all registered attendees of the #ESRAWorld2023 conference.

Further information and applications, click here

Theme: The infographics should focus on any aspect of regional anaesthesia, pain medicine, or related topics such as clinical techniques, advancements in the field, patient education, or research breakthroughs.

Design and Content: Participants should create visually compelling infographics that combine concise text, illustrations, charts, and diagrams to effectively convey scientific concepts. The design should be visually appealing and ensure clarity and readability for the target audience.

Submission: Participants are required to submit their infographics in digital format (JPEG or PNG) via this link no later than 9th July.

Evaluation: Infographics will be evaluated based on their scientific accuracy, creativity, visual impact, clarity of information, and overall effectiveness in conveying key messages.

Prizes: The top three infographics will receive recognition during the ESRA conference. Prizes are the following:

  • 1st – Certificate and Prize money of 500€
  • 2nd – Certificate and Prize money of 350€
  • 3rd – Certificate and Prize money of 250€

We encourage all attendees of the ESRA conference to participate in this exciting opportunity to showcase their talent, share knowledge, and contribute to the advancement of RA & PM. Through your infographics, you can engage and educate colleagues, promote scientific awareness, and ignite conversations that further elevate patient care and research in our field.

For further information and updates, please visit the congress website.

We look forward to your participation and witnessing the exceptional infographics that will enrich the #ESRAWorld2023 meeting!

Topics: Pain Medicine , Regional Anaesthesia , Congress , ESRA Congress , Infographic

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