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In memory of Nello Di Spigno

Nello Di Spigno left us the last Thursday morning at the age of 57. There are no words to describe what Nello represented for those who knew him. Nello and I have been working side by side every day for 31 years! We both graduated and specialized on the same day in the city of Pisa but native to Livorno and with the same love for the sea, after family and work. Distinguished professional, specialized in locoregional anesthesia, incredibly skilled, ESRA member since 2005 has taught to hundreds of young anesthesiologists. He was a lighthouse, a reference for everyone within the operating blocks under his direction for Humanitas Mater Domini of Castellanza, doctors having him by their side felt always safe. He made every situation simple, even the most difficult and extreme, without ever making mistakes once. Nello was a friend to everyone, always with a smile and a nice word for those next to him and above all, he was a gentle listener. Good and generous. For him, family has always been in the first place, his beloved Laura and his three beautiful children Carlo, Nicola and Francesca – his Chicca, that when he named her, his eyes lit up. When the first patients with Covid started to arrive, he never stepped back, always in the front row, aware of the danger but loyal to his duties. We always made fun of ourselves when harnessed with the medical aids, the size was too large, and we used to burst out laughing.
Then, a Saturday morning of some two months ago he called me and said “Enrico here we are, I have fever” since then his ordeal began. More than two months in intubated and subsequently tracheostomised resuscitation. Finally, last Monday, resigned from the intensive care unit, he seemed to have defeated the virus, but unexpectedly on Thursday morning his heart, destroyed and exhausted by Covid, stopped beating. Tomorrow at 16:30 pm the funeral will take place in his beloved city, Livorno. To all those who have known him but also to those who have not known him it would be nice tomorrow to stop and pray for Nello.

Goodbye Nello.

Sit tibi terra levis.

We will never forget you.

On behalf of ESRA Family
Enrico Barbara
ESRA Board member
ESRA Italia