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ESRA Educational Grant

ESRA Educational Grant

Grants will be given to ESRA members applying for support of participation in a teaching program in an ESRA Approved Training Institution in Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine in Europe.

The grants are given to encourage participation in teaching programs (rotations) and/ or research of a duration of at least three months. The grant should be used for travel costs from the home country to the teaching hospital, and for costs of living at the teaching site.

Grants are available for extended training modules only in regional anaesthesia and pain medicine (including acute pain & cancer related pain control). Applications for other anaesthesia related subjects will be rejected.

Grants consist of a fixed 1000€ travel expenses reimbursement paid by bank transfer four weeks prior to the start of the educational program (to be confirmed by the program’s director). Thereafter, a grant from 500 € to 1000€ per month will be transferred for a minimum period of three months and up to six months. The total of the grant is maximum 3,000€ + travel expenses whether it is for 3 or 6 months. Please note that 50% of the total grant will be paid upon confirmation of arrival of the grantee by the program’s director, and 50% upon confirmation of full completion of the program as well as upon the grantee’s return to his/her country of origin.

Finally, the grantee is not allowed to change his/her location after the grant has been confirmed. If so, the allocated grant may be subject to cancellation and/or reimbursement. Grants are not transferrable and the training module must be completed within 1 year after reception.

The application should include:

  • Application form, click here to download the application form (please use: right click > save as…)
  • CV of the applicant
  • Written statement of the head of the educational program describing the rotational program and stating that they are prepared to host this applicant in case of a positive decision by the board
  • Personal statment
  • 2 recommendation letters

It is the responsibility of the applicant to have contacted the training centre where they wish to do their extended training prior to making an application. Click here to see the list of ESRA Approved Training Institutions.